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Drew Carey and Kirstie Alley Lose 130 Pounds

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Guest blogger Talitha Peters: Both Drew Carey and Kirstie Alley have struggled with their weight. But look: They're both super-thin now!

Drew Carey once weighed 262 pounds. Now the comedian and TV host has lost a whopping 80 pounds -- and hopes to lose 12 more by October 31. He told Parade Magazine that it was fiancee Nicole Jaracz's 5-year-old son, Connor, who gave him the incentive to get serious about getting healthy. "I couldn't keep up with him," Carey admitted. 

The comedian said he would be left breathless and sweating after just a few minutes of playing with the boy. "I'd be like, 'Connor, I can't,' and he'd say, 'C'mon, Dad!'" said Carey. "That was a terrible feeling. I thought, 'I'm never going to see him graduate high school.'" The fact that Carey's own dad died of a heart attack when he was just in his 40s was another motivation. 

Carey did have a relapse in June, when he started downing ice cream and pizza and gained back some of the weight he'd lost. About that, he said, "Eating crappy food is not a reward. It's a punishment." Since losing all that weight, Carey has been taken off of his type 2 diabetes medication. Just look at his amazing transformation! 

Kirstie Alley tipped the scales at 230 pounds earlier this year. Thanks in part to her television show, "The Big Life," she's lost over 50 pounds. She tweeted recently, "I'm having the time of  life...30 more to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." 


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