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Doctor Who Faked Medical Trial Gets Jail Time & Fines

A prominent 51-year-old anesthesiologist pled guilty to falsifying research on the analgesic medications Celebrex and Vioxx for post-op pain management. He was sentenced in Massachusetts federal court to 6 months in prison and given hefty fines to be paid to the pharmaceutical companies who financed his research and paid him to promote their drugs.

Dr. Scott Reuben just plain faked the results. He reported in two published articles that he had treated 200 patients in a trial - 100 with placebo and 100 with celecoxib (Celebrex). He simply made up the findings and never enrolled any patients at all. Multiple medical journals have retracted more than 20 articles by Dr. Reuben containing faked data on a number of pharmaceutical drugs.

Besides the faked research, he spoke frequently at medical conferences and continuing medical education events about using Celebrex and Vioxx in combination with other analgesics to reduce postoperative pain.  The pharmaceutical companies reimburse their expert speakers very well and he will be repaying $361,932 to Merck and $296,557 to Pfizer.

Dr. Reuben's attorney stated that an undiagnosed bipolar disorder was the cause of his misdeeds.


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