Dr. Russell Dohner, Who Charged Just $5 A Visit, Calls It Quits At Age 88

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An amazing doctor, who was always available to patients for a very low fee, has decided to end his long career and retire.

Dr. Russell Dohner treated patients at his Rushville, Ill., clinic for nearly 60 years and the $5 charge per office visit has remained unchanged since the 1970s, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The clinic closed up on Friday, when Dohner decided to retire at the age of 88.

"I never went into medicine to make money," Dohner told a Tribune reporter last year. "I wanted to be a doctor, taking care of people."

Residents of the small town noted his kindness, which included being open seven days a week, making house calls and looking after the uninsured and unemployed.

NBC News reports that Dohner didn't take insurance and only charged his patients $5 each, just a slight increase from the $2 he charged for an office visit when he became the town's doctor 58 years ago, according to The Associated Press.

Jim Devitt, one of the owners of Moreland & Devitt Pharmacy across the street from Dohner's clinic, said it’s "the end of an era for sure."

Devitt’s pharmacy stayed open until they got word from Dohner that it was OK to close.

"We always use to tell people, they'd say, 'When do you close?' And we'd say, 'We close when Dr. Dohner calls us and tells us we can go home,'" Devitt said. "He would call and say 'I've got one more coming over,' and we'd take care of them."

Sources: NBC News, Chicago Tribune


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