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Dr. Paul Butler Wants to Ban High School Football Because of Injuries

Dr. Paul Butler, a school board member in Dover, New Hampshire, wants to ban high school football, citing the serious injuries to young players (video below).

A former high school and college player himself, Dr. Butler says recent studies have revealed just how dangerous the game is, reports WHDH-TV.

Dr. Paul Butler told WHDH-TV: "I'll do my best to try to convince the other members of the school board that it’s a dangerous game and that we should abandon it."

"Football, unlike hockey, unlike lacrosse, both of which are violent games, football is the one where the head gets repeatedly banged."

Dr. Butler says he will bring his controversial proposed ban on high school football to a vote soon: "I think it’s bad to take this away I certainly do. But it’s worse to let it continue."

Other school board members have not voiced opposition to high school football. Most parents and players oppose Dr. Butler's plan.


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