Dr. Mila Means To Speak Publicly


Kansas Dr. Mila Means was forced out of her office building due to "potential protests" once she disclosed that she planned to offer abortion services, with a judge claiming that the likelihood of protests made it   Means later had another judge refuse to prosecute a local anti-abortion "protester" who sent letters telling her to look under her car, claiming it wasn't a "true threat."

Now Dr. Means will be discussing what it means to be an abortion provider in the current cultural climate in an event later this week.

Via KWCH.com:

Dr. Mila Means, attorney Lee Thompon and author Stephen Singular will speak at a community event Friday at College Hill United Methodist Church in Wichita.  Means is training to do abortions and will open a clinic in Wichita.  Singular wrote the book "The Wichita Divide:  The Murder of Dr. George Tiller and the Battle over Abortion."

The Kansas National Organization for Women sent out the news release about the event and describes it as a "discussion of the intersection of religion, politics, abortion and terrorism."  It will be the first time Dr. Means has appeared publicly to speak.

Sadly, it is probably safe to assume there will be protests at the event.


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