Dr. Mark Craddock Tries to Cure Gay Teen's Homosexuality with Chemical Castration

Dr. Mark Craddock, of Sydney, Australia, has been banned from practicing medicine after prescribing chemical castration to an 18-year-old man to ''cure'' his homosexuality.

Dr. Craddock is a member of the Exclusive Brethren Christian sect, as was the unidentified young man at one time.

Dr. Craddock wrote the teen a prescription for anti-androgen therapy cyproterone acetate [Cyprostat] during a consultation in February 2008, reports smh.com.au.

The drug reduces the amount of testosterone and is usually used to treat prostate cancer and severe male sexual disorders.

The teen wrote a complaint letter to the Health Care Complaints Commission, describing how he came out as gay and was told by a church leader to visit Dr. Craddock for medication.

During a hearing at the Medical Council of the Australian State of New South Wales, in June, Dr, Craddock said that he did not obtain a medical history from the teen, conduct a physical exam, record the teen's sexual history, or arrange a follow-up appointment.

The Medical Council ruled that "Dr. Craddock failed to adequately assess the patient and failed to provide appropriate medical management of the patients therapeutic needs... and was guilty of unsatisfactory processional conduct."


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