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Dozens of Diners Contract Norovirus After Eating at 'Best Restaurant in the World'

Diners who ate at a restaurant that was voted one of the best in the world were shocked after they contracted norovirus after eating £290 meals.

The restaurant is called Noma and is located in Copenhagen. It holds two Michelin stars and seems to have infected at least 60 diners when one of the cooks came to work sick.

An investigation was launched on the restaurant after 63 people came forward and said they had food poisoning from eating there.

Peter Kreiner, restaurant manager, said officials were trying to determine what caused the illness, but soon found one of the kitchen staff members was preparing food while sick.

The man told the restaurant about his illness after he vomited, but they did not respond to his report.

Noma is known for its reinvention of Nordic cuisine, touting unusual ingredients and incorporating foraged goods in their recipes.

Over the past three years, the restaurant was listed as the top in best restaurants in the world lists, and won its second Michelin star in 2007.

After investigating the matter, officials found that Noma did not take proper precautions to disinfect the kitchen after the man reported he was sick.

Officials also criticized Noma for not allowing workers to wash their hands with hot water, which could significantly cut down on germ spreading.

They have ordered the restaurant to create stricter hygiene procedures.

It is known for having fresh and locally sourced products and was named best restaurant in the world three times.

It’s also extremely pricey, at £290-per-head.



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