Double-Jaw Procedure is South Korea's Dangerous Plastic Surgery Trend

South Korea is seeing a rise in a dangerous cosmetic procedure called double-jaw surgery, which aims to correct facial deformities, like excessive over or underbites.

But most of the people getting the procedure do not have the deformities, and are merely getting it because they want a small, V-shaped chin.

The procedure involves cutting the jaw bone and takes months to recover from. It also often results in serious risks including permanent facial numbness or paralysis.

Advertisements fill the country, with pictures of women with small chins and statements urging women to get the procedure.

East Asia considers a V-shaped chin and jawline a mark of feminine beauty, along with a high-bridged nose and big eyes.

"This surgery alters your look far more dramatically than, say, Botox or a nose job because it changes your entire facial bone structure," Choi Jin-Young, a professor in dentistry, said. "But it's a very complex, potentially dangerous surgery…it's disturbing to see people with no real dental flaws daring to go through it just to have a small, pretty face."

One poster for a cosmetic clinic said, "The double-jaw surgery clinic chosen by the pickiest ladies." Another said, "Everyone but you has done it."

A doctor said that the double-jaw procedure started to be a trend around four years ago, after a Seoul dental clinic ran a major ad campaign promoting the benefits of the surgery.

Once it grew in popularity, more surgeons offered it, causing the price to fall.

A startling 52 percent of people who have the procedure suffer from sensory problems like facial numbness.

One 23-year-old woman killed herself last year after receiving the surgery, as she could not chew her food and was constantly crying due to nerve damage to her tear duct.

Sources: 9News,Daily Mail


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