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Dorothy Barthelson Has Meltdown When She Learns Daughter is Pregnant (Video)

Dorothy Barthelson, of North Carolina, let out an ear-splitting scream, shrieked and danced around the room when she learned that her daughter was pregnant (video below).

Ashley and Michael Krauter placed a sonogram in a birthday present for Barthelson's husband, reports the Daily Mail.

As he unwrapped the gift, the Barthelsons were filmed by their son-in-law, Michael.

After Mr. Barthelson read: "Grandpa! Some birthdays are more special than others," his wife began her meltdown with an alarming scream and said: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, is it true? It really is true? I'm excited, I'm really excited, I'm so excited."

Mr. Barthelson, who is completely calm, seemed annoyed by his wife's screeching and said: "Dorothy, come on, quit crying."

"Most hilarious family video to date," said Michael.

Sources: YouTube and Daily Mail


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