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Don’t get disturb because of excessive sweating

Medical treatments to prevent perspiration
Excessive sweating accompanies with it lot of uncomfort and uneasiness too. As many forms of Hyperhidrosis are known like one occurring underarms, feet, hands etc. Many herbal and natural therapies have been recommended by many professionals and individuals too as per their effects. Initially everyone likes to experience hands on natural curing methods as they are very safe with no side effects and cost effective too.

The estimated count in America is that nearly 2 -3 % people suffer from sweating want to get rid of it permanently as this disorder frustrates anyone to the chore making difficult to move around too. In many cases it’s easy to determine the cause of sweat and in several other cases the reason of illness is unknown. Effective medicines by determining the cause of illness as prescribed by an expert can be very helpful.
The methods of remedies are classified as per different people:

1) Clinical intermediates: The effective agent for relief would be Drysol- aluminium chloride with ethyl alcohol which may even help in mild hyperhidrosis. Though drysol may not be very effective in cases of hand and feet sweating. Apply aluminum chloride directly to affected areas and leave for 6 to 8 hours. The gland releasing sweat is eccrine; the treatment will close its pores. The sweat in the tube can be blocked as aluminium salts collect in the area due to the liquid in drysol. This method is very effective but for short term only, though it's not cure for long term. It may result in irritation of skin which can be cured by applying normal lotions daily.

2) Artificial cure via toxins: It's considered to be cosmetic treatment. Botulism toxin is very strong toxin commercially named Botox. Many under arm pores are injected with 50 units of botox. Sweats glands triggering sweat are paralyzed due diminish perspiration. This treatment is very effective but again for short period of time. This entire procedure is risky too accompanying little pain. It’s the most costly remedy so far. It is not very helpful for facial sweat.

3) Lontophoresis: This device is used to give electric shots of 15-30 milliamps by galvanic electrodes. The sweat gets accumulated generated by eccrine glands. This method has been proved successful in palm sweating. The medium to pass electric current is water. It takes 10 -20 minutes, 3-4 times a week initially. It’s not painful.

4) Anti per spirants: Many products like maxim roll-on which is aqueous based solution of active aluminum chloride. Due to its thick application layer it doesn't gets washed off and has proved beneficial for many. More effect can be observed at night. This will also reduce excessive sweating also.

5) Liposuction: A surgical procedure in which sweat glands are removed.
Hope you try some above mentioned techniques which works wonders for you...


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