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Don't Underestimate the Importance of Breakfast

Eat Breakfast! Quite literally, the first meal of the day is breaking the fast from overnight; hence the name breakfast. You have not eaten a meal in 12 plus hours, and you need something that will sustain your energy for the day to come. Interestingly, most breakfast options are a combination of sugar, sugar, and more sugar; not exactly the power breakfast needed to start the day. Simple carbohydrates (such as sugar) will only spike your blood sugar temporarily, and leave you desiring a snack mid-morning. An even worse option than sugar is only a cup of coffee. Yes, coffee gives you an energy burst, but it offers nothing beyond that. Studies have shown numerous benefits from eating a balanced breakfast.

Eating a balanced breakfast…

• Stops the mid-morning binge caused by the grumbling stomach. When at a ravenous state, you look for the most convenient choice, which is most typically the vending machine.

• Encourages you to make healthy choices all day long. People who eat breakfast are the people who tend to enjoy a variety of healthy options throughout the day.

• Jump starts your metabolism. In the morning you need to restore your glucose levels that plummeted while you slept.

A breakfast should contain 300-500 calories and include: protein, whole grains, and fruit. Aim for a breakfast with a serving from 2-3 of these categories. Protein and whole grains will keep you feeling full and not cause a sugar spike. Pairing this with fruit is a great way to add nutrients without many calories. Or add a glass of fat-free or 1% milk or a serving of Greek yogurt for bone strengthening calcium to build yourself a power breakfast!

1.) Oatmeal with fruit and 4- 6 oz Greek yogurt

2.) 2 eggs, scrambled with spinach + a whole wheat pancake

3.) A yummy smoothie: my newest fav is Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie (1 cup local 1% milk, 1/2 cup frozen tart cherries, 3/4 scoop of chocolate protein powder) in my FAVORITE high powered blender.

What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast combinations?


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