Yoga's Not About Achievement or Competition

Are you the type that is always bewailing the state of the world, the increase in taxes, the corruption of government? Or are you grateful that you have the money in your pocket for taxes that pay for running water, functioning sewer systems, decent health care? In essence, is your glass always half empty, or half full?

And on the mat . . . are your postures always not quite good enough? Or can you enjoy your practice for what it is today? It's a good question and one that you should ask yourself again and again, EVERY time you roll out the mat to begin your practice. Western society is heavily invested in the acquistion of goals, and we tend to take the same competitive nature into our yoga. So we miss the point.


1. Do you dread coming to the mat?

2. Do you leave class or end your practice thinking "I'm never going to --------[fill in the blank]"?

3. Has practice become another item to check off your To Do list?

Responding "yes" to any of these questions suggests something isn't right. Perhaps it's the teacher, the style that you're practicing, or the sky-high expectations that you set.

The ancient texts are clear. Yoga is "citta vrtti nirodha"- stilling the thoughtwaves of the mind. Not projecting the same self-flagellation onto a new and more spiritual topic. ENJOY your practice! Listen to music if you want. Do Flow Yoga if you want. Enjoy your body! Reflect on the great gifts of physical health and mobility. Isn't that what it's all about?

Don't take yourself so seriously, for God's sake. It's only yoga :)


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