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Child Speech Delay Could Indicate Dyslexia

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I've recently had the opportunity to instruct a number of different parents along with their children and have experienced the discovery of delayed speech in children 24 to 27 months old! As I carefully attempted to inquire with the parents regarding any acknowledgment or proactive stance on the matter - I found parents to be uneasy, but their pediatrician "assured them it was normal".

Well, clearly I have had to bite my tongue and curb my reaction to those claims. These same parents couldn't understand why the child has now started to lash out at a younger sibling, break and destroy things in their home, and/or "completely flip out in public" (a direct quote from a dad). Do you think the child is ticked... because they are unable to effectively communicate? Maybe!?!?

Just so you know, there are a multitude of reasons children experience a delay in speech. The main one, no one seems to be addressing as early on as they should and can for that matter... Dyslexia! This causes speech delays in 20% of the WORLD's population. Not just the USA - the world. Most often, Dyslexia is not addressed until the child completely fails in reading and then that spills into other subjects, right about grade 3. The US school system then attempts their "college try" of slower-n-louder. These kids aren't Deaf - they're Dyslexic.

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