Delaying Child's Vaccinations Physically & Mentally Harmful

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There's no reason to delay your child's vaccinations, nor should you be worried that your little one is getting too many shots at once, says Dr. Scott Cohen of the website Parenting Today.

Dr. Cohen says that it's not possible to overload your child with vaccines. It's true that back in the 1960s, children received only five vaccinations as opposed to the 11 they generally get today, but modern vaccines contain 95% less antigens (foreign substances) than their 60s counterparts, so you're introducing less potentially toxic stuff into your little one's body.

There's also no point in delaying vaccinations or following alternate vaccination schedules. In splitting up vaccinations rather than getting several done at once, you're creating more occasions where your child will be stuck with a needle and experience pain. Doctor Cohen advises that you don't follow these schedules: if you wait to vaccinate your kids, you may be putting them at risk for serious illess, since ailments like whooping cough can be more severe in younger children.

See Dr. Cohen talk about vaccines here.


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