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Dollface Desserts Soothes Sweet Tooth For Those With and Without Peanut Allergies

For many with peanut allergies, the satisfaction of enjoying a lot of the same foods that others get to enjoy is completely lost. It’s not an exaggeration to say that people struggling with this allergy have to live their lives constantly aware of what foods they are not only consuming, but sometimes simply in the same room with.

Emily Lewis knows what this is like all too well. She has been living with a severe peanut allergy since she was a young girl, and for most of her life, she was unable to indulge in the same foods as everybody else. For Lewis, the one food she always wanted to try was a peanut butter cup.

“I always wanted to try it, but obviously I couldn’t,” says Lewis. “So I decided that I would make some.”

When she went into the kitchen to try some recipes, however, Lewis realized that because she had never had a peanut butter cup before, she had nothing to compare it to. She tried various nut butters and combinations of chocolates to make the candies, and she would give them to friends and family to taste so that they could compare to the most well known peanut butter cup of them all, Reese’s.

As she got closer and closer, however, she still could not achieve that perfect consistency and taste close enough to a peanut butter cup.

“My first several tries, I got some nasty looks,” says Lewis. “Finally, I figured out a recipe, found a great almond butter to work with, and took it back to my family. They said, ‘this is it, this is the one.’”

When her best friend Julie “Jewels” Reed tasted the perfected almond butter cup, she knew right away that it was a hit. She helped convince Lewis to start selling the candies, known at that point as Em’s Buttercups, and it was then that Dollface Desserts, the peanut-free dessert shop, was born.

“The idea seemed really appealing to me,” said Reed. “I was actually teaching at the time, and a lot of my students had peanut allergies. I thought that this was such a great opportunity for us to help those peanut free campuses provide desserts for their students.”

Since its start two years ago, Dollface Desserts has grown into a full-fledged business, and it is becoming more popular every day. Not only do they sell their now famous Em’s Buttercups, which are completely peanut-free, but they also offer various other peanut-free dessert options.

The Los Angeles based company currently doesn’t have a physical storefront, operating completely as an e-commerce site, but they hope that will change in the future.

“Our end of the line goal is to have a storefront here in Los Angeles, and our end of the end of the line goal is to have us on conveyor belts in a huge warehouse producing Dollface Desserts that gets distributed all over the world,” says Lewis. “Maybe one day Dollface can be in everybody’s homes.”

It seems that they’re already on their way there. Reed and Lewis say that they can ship most products to pretty much anywhere in the country, which is a great thing for sweet lovers of all kinds on both coasts.

Dollface Desserts doesn’t just sell peanut-free adaptations of foods that would normally contain peanuts, though. In addition to their famous Em’s Buttercups, made from almond butter, they also create a variety of other sweets, all peanut-free, including salted caramel popcorn, almond brittle, and different types of cookies.

All dessert lovers, with or without peanut allergies, are guaranteed to fall head over heels for Dollface Desserts.

For more information or to place an order, go to You can also check them out on Facebook.


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