Doing +Intention = Balance

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When plan A does not work I move onto Plan B and when that does not work I move onto the next and then the next... till something works! At the end of all these changed plans I am tired, exhausted, depleted and the end result is just ok! It is frustrating and annoying. Baffles me every time. For the life of me I cannot seem to figure it out why so much energy and time is wasted on an end result that is just OK.

I sit down and carefully think of strategies or ways to improve my actions or methods. Each step is carefully thought out and ready to be executed. I am doing everything I possibly can to meet my goals. Here is the interesting thing... the more I did the less accomplished I felt. My goals were always further away.

It took quite a few failed goals or plans to realize that this method of 'DOING' was not working for me. I was missing something. Somewhere somehow the universe was telling me that by just DOING, my achievements or goals would always fall short. Hence I would never be satisfied with the outcome.

The answer was staring right at me. In fact it was the most important piece to complete the whole jigsaw puzzle. I had shifted my focus from the subject (welfare and being of students) to the outcome (increase the number of students). I had gone about it in the wrong way.

I make my living by teaching yoga and so like everybody I do have financial obligations that need to be met. But to loose focus of my teaching was unacceptable to me. Once I stopped and began to really see, I realized that I was one of the few lucky ones that was actually pursuing her passion. I am happiest teaching and even more when my students discover their strengths in their journey of yoga. I had to shift my focus from what I could get from them to what I could give them.

My 'INTENTION' was the missing jigsaw puzzle. I had lost track of my passion and the surprises that came with it. In the process of achieving my goal I lost my true INTENTION.

When there is balance between DOING and INTENTION the right energy will emerge through. It is the ying and the yang of a yoga teacher infect any kind of teacher. Things will happen and the students that are ready to begin their yoga journey will connect within and with you.


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