Dog Kills, Dismembers 2-Month-Old Boy in South Carolina

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A two-month-old baby boy was killed and dismembered by a dog in his family's home, 30 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina, authorities said on April 20.

Aiden McGrew, who was born on Valentine’s Day, was in his baby swing while his father slept with a three-year-old child in an adjoining room.His mother, Chantel, arrived home from a medical appointment with the couple’s seven-year-old child to find the baby bloody and with his leg severed.She immediately called 911.

In an e-mail to the media entitled, “Today’s Nightmare,” Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet wrote, 'Today is one of the saddest days in my 20-plus years of being in the Dorchester County Coroner's Office as I report to all of you one of the worst deaths I have ever handled.”

The dog, which appears to be a Golden Retriever mix with a large red nose, was recently rescued, according to reports, and is being held at a kennel at the Sheriff’s station.

The Dorchester County Coroner Chris said the boy had been badly bitten and was dismembered, but he refused to answer any additional questions about the infant's injuries.

The Associated Press reported that an autopsy was scheduled for Saturday, April 21.Although Aiden’s leg was completely dismembered by the dog, officials state that the infant did not die until shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

Chantel and Quintin McGrew’s two other children have been taken into child protective services pending the outcome of an investigation, according to reports.

Prosecutors are following the case and the sheriff stated that all the investigators will meet next week to discuss if any charges should be filed.

The family had two dogs—a Yellow Lab they had for some time and the mixed-breed dog that attacked the child, which was reportedly taken in as a stray two weeks ago.



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