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Dog Goes To Amazing Lengths To Defend Injured Owner (Video)

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A dog's amazing attempt to protect its owner at all costs was caught on video.

In the video (below), which garnered over 70,000 views since it surfaced online, a dog was seen surrounding its drunk, injured owner as he laid on the ground while what appear to be emergency workers attempted to intervene. As soon as one of the men stepped towards the man, the dog jumped forward and unleashed a ferocious bark.

The men made several attempts to get to the man, but the dog thwarted their efforts every time.
In the end, the dog relented and the men were able to help the man to his feet and examine his injuries.

"Heart rendering [sic] stuff," one viewer commented. "How can anyone have anything but love for dogs." 

"Loyalty at its finest," another wrote. "Good dog."

Watch man's best friend in action below.

Source: LiveLeak / Photo Credit:


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