Dog Dies Within An Hour Of Consuming Toxic Plant


Water hemlock is an extremely dangerous plant that grows in wetland areas throughout North America.

A 3-year-old border collie dog walking with its owner in Colorado died within an hour of ingesting a few leaves of the plant, the Coloradoan reported.

Tim D’Amato, a land stewardship manager in the local area, noted that signs would be installed to help the public identify water hemlock, which is considered to be a risk much like rattlesnakes and poison ivy.

Ingesting the plant initially causes twitching after a matter of minutes. Respiratory problems and death then follow. If the amount consumed is not fatal, the water hemlock can produce permanent damage to muscles or the heart.

The roots of the plant are the most toxic and even pose a risk when dry. Livestock have reportedly been killed in cases where they drank water contaminated with water hemlock roots.

The plant is tall with branches and capable of growing between three and six feet in height. It blooms white flowers in June and July, according to The Bark.

The advice if you see your dog eating water hemlock is to try and make it vomit and to get to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Sources: Coloradoan, The Bark / Photo credit: Williammehlhorn/Wikimedia Commons

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