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Does Your Doctor Treat You Like a Cow?

If there’s anything science has proven over the last several centuries, it’s how unique we are as creations.

I’m not just talking about fingerprints. Take a look at the abundance of research studies done on twins/triplets, etc. They make great study subjects because the effects of environmental factors (both internal and external) can be studied on those having the same genetic structure.

If one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, for example, her twin may or may not end up with the same battle. Lifestyle factors trump genetics.

We are not the same,

nor do we process and assimilate things in the same way.

That’s why the concept of bio-individuality makes so much sense. We are oh, so different! How we process our foods and assimilate nutrients from them is completely unique from one person to the next.

So why then, the mentality of one-pill-fits-all or one-diet-fits-all? For your doctor, one likely factor is time. How much time can he or she really spend on getting to know you, your heritage, your activities, your diet, etc. Instead, you’re herded through the process (“Open your mouth and say ‘mooooo,’ please….”) as if you are biologically the same as the person before you and the ones after.

As I’ve mentioned in my book, FibroWHYalgia, it’s time to put on your Team Captain’s hat and seek solutions that work for YOU! The foods that work for you might not work for your friends. Perhaps stress-relieving meditation works great for your aunt, but it may drive you to distraction (pun intended). You’re the only one who can develop and define your personalized health plan.

Celebrate your uniqueness and your bio-individuality by paying attention to your symptoms. How do you feel after eating certain foods? Headaches, rashes, digestive upset, etc. are just a few of the indicators your body provides telling you that something has gone awry. Time to become your own personal health detective — a truth sleuth — and follow those clues!

Sherlock Homes? Moooove over!


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