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Does the Scale Make You Crazy?

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FBG Tish recently tried a digital weight scale that drove her bananas. We’ve long said that leaving your self-worth in the hands of a number on the scale is a quick way to drive yourself to the I-don’t-like-myself loony bin, and, I for one, only weigh myself about once a week to do a quick check-in on how my eats, workouts and life is affecting my weight—but I definitely don’t let it ruin my day. I know I’m active, fit and choosing healthy foods, so it’s just one of the barometers I check to make sure I’m on track. Not to mention that stressing over the scale may actually make it harder to lose weight. But what about you? How does the scale affect you—or does it?

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And do be sure to speak your mind on this weighty issue in the comments, ladies! —Jenn


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