Does McDonald's Really Cause Obesity?

When I surf the Internet, and especially opposingviews.com, I see numerous articles about how unhealthy McDonald's is and how it causes American obesity. Here is why that is wrong:

Fat and calorie consumption should vary from person to person. McDonald's is not responsible for monitoring this for each consumer. Let me explain. I have a very fast metabolism. I eat over 5000 calories a day and burn them all off without having to exercise. If I get less than this amount of fats and calories a day, I become less energetic. This is because fats and calories are the main sources for energy for the human body.

So for me to eat a 1,000 calorie sandwich from McDonald's for lunch is actually a proportional amount of calories for my daily intake. Hence, for me to eat McDonald's which I do often, is a healthy choice because it doesn't cause obesity and gives me more energy. However, if someone with a slow metabolism were to eat like this, which they often do, it would be unhealthy and cause them to be obese. As we can see, it all depends on the person. I eat food like McDonald's and take in 5000 calories every day and I am still told to be very healthy with a strong heart at every physical.This shows us that McDonald's food that is not inherently unhealthy.

We must put the responsibility on the consumer. The consumer who has a slow metabolism needs to choose not to eat McDonald's; McDonald's should not monitor everyone in the world's metabolism and refuse to serve food to those who have slow ones. Nor should McDonald's change their entire menu that serves some properly with Big Mac's and others with caesar salads. The real problem is some choose the Big Mac when they should be choosing the caesar salad. McDonald's provides all the choices; the consumer is the one who makes the wrong choice.

There is a simple analogy to explain this. If someone sells a gun to a person with no criminal record and that person proceeds to use the gun to kill 10 people, those 10 deaths are not the fault of the gun dealer, who rightfully put the responsibility of safe use on the buyer. The gun dealer will not go to jail, while the killer will. It's the same concept with McDonald's. McDonald's is not inherently unhealthy. In fact it's a healthy choice for those who need the energy and can burn it off.

America needs to start putting the responsibility on the right people.


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