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Documentary on Actor Andy Whitfield Needs Funds to Finish

Fans of Andy Whitfield and fans ofSpartacus: Blood and Sand, the show Whitfield starred in before he succumbed tonon-Hodgkin's lymphoma, are being asked by a documentary filmmaker to make donations to help him finish a documentary about Whitfield's battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma calledBe Here Nowaccording to an article at

In September 2011, Andy Whitfield died at the age of 39. He had been diagnosed with NHL just a year and a half after his diagnosis.

He underwenttreatmentand things looked good, but unfortunately, his disease proved refractory. He was given very low chances of survival after front-line therapy failed.

Filming his search for treatment

Whitfield and his wife Vashti therefore got together with filmmaker Lilibet Foster in an attempt to chronicle his struggle with the disease while he explored his medical and alternative healing options in Australia, New Zealand and India.

Foster and the other filmmakers need fans' help to raise the remaining funds needed to finish editing the film and they are appealing to bothSpartacus: Blood and Sand, and Whitfield's fans to donate to the film

The fundraising page at reads,

"Be Here Now transcends the subject of cancer and becomes a universal life-lesson about living fearlessly, going for your dreams, embracing each moment and living in the present - despite the potential outcome."

The trailer can be viewed below.


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