Doctors Worried of New Trend Allowing People to Inhale Alcohol

A new drinking trend has many worried, as it could lead to alcohol poisoning more easily than the normal drinking method. 

The new trend is "smoking" alcohol instead of drinking it. This is done by pouring alcohol over dry ice and inhaling the vapors. 

Broderic Allen of Texas recently did an interview with Fox, explaining that he has lost 80 pounds by inhaling alcohol instead of drinking it. He said he can have his "cake and eat it."

But doctors are warning that the technique can be fatal, as it sends larger and purer doses of alcohol straight to the brain, bypassing the liver and other organs that filter it.

Dr. Lawrence Pohl said, "the concern is it can go to the bloodstream quickly, to the brain quickly, to the lungs. It's toxic to the lungs and it could be a real concern and potentially have serious side effects."

Another doctor, Walter Gaman, said it could have a negative affect on the lungs. 

"The dry ice is so cold, you're not going to be able to humidify it. It can have a toxic affect on your lungs, not to mention alcohol is not very good in your lungs. Just imagine pouring alcohol in your lungs … it's just horrible."

Research done on the method shows that it can lead to rapid intoxication and is more likely to lead to substance abuse.

Simply using the method also suggests a substance abuse disorder, according to addiction expert Dr. Paul Hokemeyer. "Such extreme measures strongly suggest the presence of a serious substance abuse disorder. In addition to the obvious physical risks this trend presents, it draws into question their judgement and impulse control," he said. 

Though Allen knows of the health risks, he said he has no plan on stopping it.

"I feel like anything in excess is going to be bad for you," he said. "People are going to take it and turn it into something it's not…if you lose weight you want to keep it off."

Doctors are also worried that the new trend will spread to the young crowd, who are more likely to experiment with different methods of alcohol consumption and might not know when to stop.

Sources: Daily Mail, AOL


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