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Couple Ends Up In Hospital After Using This As A Condom

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A young Vietnamese couple who tried to have sex for the first time ended up in the hospital after using a bizarre household item as protection.

The pair, who are undergraduate college students from Hanoi, were too shy to buy condoms so they used a plastic bag instead.

The young man put the bag over his penis before intercourse with his girlfriend. As expected, the night didn’t end well.

The bag was rough and lacked elasticity and lubrication, severely scraping the pair’s genitals, reports Daily Mail.

They were both rushed to the hospital for emergency medical treatment, according to hospital director Nguyen The Luong.

The couple suffered from bloody scratches to their privates, reports Toui Tre Newspaper. Doctors prescribed antibiotics and disinfectants for their wounds.

Medical experts do not recommend using plastic bags or similar household items as protection from STDs and pregnancy.

Thick plastic bags can tear genitals while thinner ones are prone to breaking.

More than 2,700 undergraduate students from Hanoi were recently surveyed about their sexual activity. Only 16 percent of those interviewed said they had sexual intercourse, while a third of them said they used a condom during their first sexual experience. A quarter of the respondents said they found buying condoms embarrassing.

The results of the study have been attributed to lack of sex and contraceptive education in Vietnam.

Sources: Daily Mail, Toui Tre Newspaper / Photo credit: The Institution of Engineering and Technology​

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