Doctors Warn That Spicy Chips Can Be Harmful Snack For Kids


Kids might love snacking on spicy chips, but doctors are warning parents about some potential health dangers.

Some doctors are warning that chips and other snacks that set kids' mouths on fire may also be inflaming gastrointestinal problems, according to MSN.

"We have a population who loves to eat the hot spicy, not real foods, and they come in with these real complaints," Dr. Martha Rivera of Los Angeles’ White Memorial Medical Center told KABC-TV.

On any given day, Rivera says she'll see five, six, sometimes more cases of kids with gastritis due to eating spicy chips, spicy candies and spicy delicacies.

Gastritis is an inflammation, erosion or irritation of the lining of the stomach that can come on gradually or suddenly. Symptoms include bloating, burning, vomiting and even hiccups.

KABC-TV reached out to Frito-Lay, which manufactures Flamin' Hot Cheetos, but hadn’t heard anything back before Thursday’s report.

Pediatricians around the country claim the hot Cheetos and other spicy snacks are leading to unnecessary emergency room visits.

Rivera's top concern is how the artificially flavored spicy chips can easily increase acidity in the delicate lining of the stomach.

"It burns when it goes down, it burns when it comes out," Rivera stated.

MSN previously noted that some school administrators in California and New Mexico have banned Flamin' Hot Cheetos from on-campus cafeterias for reasons that ranged from their poor nutritional value to the radioactive-looking dust that comes out of each bag.

Sources: MSN, KABC-TV


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