Doctors In U.K. Discover 'Miracle Baby' In Woman's Womb

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A “miracle baby” in the U.K. recently overcame an extraordinary set of circumstances to be born. The story is so incredible that mother Michelle Hui could not help but go public with it.

Hui was six weeks pregnant when she noticed she was bleeding one day on her way to work. She went to the doctor fearing the worst, and had those fears confirmed upon arrival. She'd had a miscarriage.

Hui had five different scans performed to confirm that she had lost her child, and each one showed the same result. Doctors gave her two rounds of an abortion pill to clear her womb of the lost fetus. The medical staff also told Hui they would need to perform surgery to remove a number of concerning blood clots in her womb.

As the doctors prepared to perform the surgery, they discovered something incredible in Hui’s womb: a heartbeat. Doctors were shocked to find that Hui had originally been pregnant with twins. She had only miscarried one of the babies, and the remaining one managed to cling to life even when the abortion drugs were administered. Doctors said the blood clots in Hui’s womb blocked the second child from showing up on scans.

“The miscarriage and abortion were absolutely horrific. The ten days between the miscarriage and going back to the hospital were just a blur,”  Hui told MailOnline. “But then I saw this little heartbeat. I thought it couldn’t be right. After all we had been through, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The doctor went out and came back in with a more senior doctor and he did the scan again and he said, ‘You are not going to believe it, we’ve got a heartbeat’. It was the best feeling ever.”

Doctors say roughly 14 in every 1,000 fetuses survive the abortion pill. In February, Hui and her family welcomed their miracle child into the world.  The daughter, named Megan, weighed 6 pounds and was healthy at birth.

“Now Megan is fine,” Hui said. “She is just a big healthy pudding of a baby. The doctors said it was a blessing. They have never heard of anything like it. Someone had been looking over us.”

Sources: MailOnline, NY Daily News


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