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Doctors Told Her To Get An Abortion, Miracle Baby Now Celebrates First Birthday

A mother was told that her unborn baby boy was a “nonviable fetus,” but little baby Jett proved those doctors wrong.

Mhairi Morris, 34, had a difficult decision to make after her water broke when she was just 20 weeks pregnant.

Doctors at East Surrey Hospital told hopeful soon-to-be parents Mhairi and Paul that Mhairi suffered from preterm premature rupture of membranes and later diagnosed her with placenta previa, where the placenta forms underneath the baby, which can cause bleeding and infection.

They also told Mhairi that she would likely go into labor within 48 hours and that the baby would die. They suggested she have an abortion.

“They didn’t see him as a child yet; they just called him a ‘nonviable fetus,’” Mhairi told Mirror Online. “It was cold, and I was devastated.

“I was in the early pregnancy unit, and no one from pediatrics came to talk to me about my other options.

“But I’d just had a 20-week scan, and everything was perfect, and finding out it was a boy made it very hard to accept a termination.

“The doctor said: ‘We’re going to get you into theatre. You have to have a termination because there’s nothing we can do.’

“I understand doctors have to tell you the worst-case scenario and be blunt, but no two people on this Earth are exactly the same, and doctors didn’t even give Jett a chance.

“When he came back in and Paul and I had talked, we told him I wouldn’t be going into theatre, and the doctor looked at his watch and rolled his eyes at me, as if I was wasting his time.

“I said to Paul, 'We have to get out of here.’”

But 48 hours had passed, and Mhairi did not go into labor. A few days after that, the hospital decided to let her go home.

Twelve days later, Morris began bleeding and was rushed to the hospital. The nearby hospital was not equipped to deal with babies born before 28 weeks, so the couple had to drive 80 miles to Portsmouth Hospital.

When they arrived, doctors warned the couple that the baby might be brain damaged and might die at birth due to undeveloped lungs.

But on Dec. 6, 2013, little baby Jett did what many doctors thought was impossible. Born at just 25 weeks, weighing 1.4 pounds, Jett came out wriggling and kicking and even let out a small cry before being rushed to an incubator.

Jett battled chronic lung disease and jaundice but quickly recovered once his lungs and organs fully developed. He was sent home on March 5, three weeks earlier than his original due date.

Mhairi and Paul are grateful for their healthy baby boy but say Jett would not be here had they listened to doctors and nursing staff at East Surrey Hospital.

“We have a happy outcome, but I worry that other mothers could have had an abortion when their babies might have survived,” Morris said. “I was given such a bleak outlook that I kept thinking, ‘He’s not supposed to be healthy,’ and was waiting for something to happen, but it never did.”

The child has two small holes in his heart, but doctors have said they don’t believe it will cause any future complications for Jett. The couple just celebrated their miracle baby’s first birthday in December.

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Mirror Online


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