Doctors Say Twins Born With Fully Formed Teeth Are Healthy


Doctors reported that twin girls in southwestern India were born with fully formed front teeth.

The fraternal twins were born prematurely in the state of Karnataka, India, and had to be kept in an incubator for the first 15 days after birth.

Both are healthy, despite being slightly underweight, and have no trouble breast-feeding, reports Daily Mail based on a case study from the British Medical Journal.

The twins were referred to a dentist because their front incisors had a yellow tinge and were overly hard.

When a baby is born with teeth, the medical term is natal teeth, while incisors that develop within 30 days after birth are called neonatal teeth.

The incidence of a baby being born with incisors, or even showing up in the first month after birth, is between 1 in 2,000 and 1 in 3,500, according to Daily Mail.

Premature teeth frequently grow in the lower gums and usually have weak root structures. They are often removed so the child will not choke on them because they sometimes break loose.

Natal teeth can also hurt the baby’s tongue when breast-feeding and cause the mother pain. But the mother of the twins told doctors she did not feel any pain or irritation while feeding her twins.

After examining the babies’ mouths, doctors found no cuts or swollen tissues due to the incisors and decided to leave the teeth because they did not pose any threat to the mother or children.

The parents were told to watch out for choking risks or abscesses forming, and were sent home.

In March, a baby girl was born in northern India with a “trunk,” which locals believe to be a divine incarnation of Lord Ganesha, reports WPTV West Palm Beach. According to doctors, the trunklike structure was caused by pollution and malnutrition, but she was otherwise healthy.

Another instance of a rare genetic mutation occurred in Rajasthan, India, when a froglike baby was born in September. Unfortunately, the baby died an hour after delivery, but his picture became a sensation online, according to

Sources: Daily Mail, WPTV West Palm Beach, / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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