Woman's Giant Arms, Hands Result Of Incurable Disease

A 59-year-old Thai woman with enormous arms and hands is thought to have an incurable disease, after numerous doctors have tried to help her ease the pain and swelling associated with it.

Duangjay Samaksamam, a shop owner in Surin Province, has struggled to perform daily tasks and to be comfortable in public for numerous years because of her disease, according to the Daily Mail.

Some doctors think that Samaksamam is the only person in the world with her condition, which causes fat deposits to accumulate in her arms and hands. Several doctors have tried to operate on her arms to decrease the pain and to cause them to swell less, but none have been able to stop the condition, called macrodystrophia lipomastosa, from recurring.

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Samaksamam said that when she was younger, she hid at home for 20 years because she was uncomfortable in public because of her enlarged arms.

She now runs a local grocery shop for her family, but before that, she said she did not have much interaction with the outside world.

“My mom told me that I was like this since I was born. I became afraid to go out or go to school, so I never learned to read,” she said.

Samaksamam said that little tasks can be hard for her to complete because of the condition, so when she was about 25 years old, she underwent several surgeries.

“My hands are so heavy I can barely lift them to comb or shampoo my hair, it's very difficult. Getting dressed is also very difficult and painful,” she said. “Some doctors said the only solution was to cut off my hands if I wished to walk around freely. But I don't want to do that.”

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She said that one of the surgeries she had only made her condition more painful.

“During the surgery they didn't remove any tissue, just opened it up, opened up my arm to check it,” she said. “They said it wasn't bad tissue just really thick fat in there, but they didn't remove anything for fear of damaging the nerves. After five months my wrists began to hurt. I felt so much pain. I couldn't sleep. If I held something it would fall out of my hands because I couldn't feel them.”

After another surgery in which doctors removed a large amount of fat from her arms, she said that the fat-deposits simply grew back several weeks later.

Source: Daily Mail


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