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Doctors Remove Wrong Testicle During Cancer Surgery

A man who went in for surgery to remove one of his testicles, came out with none, as doctors accidentally removed the healthy one and realized their mistake after it was made.

The man had testicular cancer and was going to have the cancerous one removed in June during an operation at Salisbury District Hospital in the UK.

He was 48 years old, and was from Wiltshire in south west England. He said his main fear is that he will be unable to have children.

He is now suing the hospital for removing his only healthy testicle, which they attempted to reattach mid-surgery but were unsuccessful.

A patient watchdog group in Wiltshire said the hospital’s doctors made a “tragic” mistake.

“With this type of operation men need confidence they can put their trust fully in the hospital,” Phil Matthews, chairman of the Wiltshire Involvement Network said.

They have apologized for the mistake, calling it “regrettable.”

“We have received notification from solicitors of pending legal action. This is a regrettable incident, and the trust once again offers its sincere apologies to the patient,” Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said.

“The patient was informed straight after the completion of surgery of the situation and that additional surgery had taken place to rectify this. The trust carried out a thorough investigation, and, as part of this, the trust immediately made changes to its processes.”

When the doctor realized the wrong testicle was removed, they froze it and called a plastic surgeon to the scene to try and sow the testicle back on.

The man did not have much to say about the case when asked by the UK’s Metro.

“The matter is in the hands of my solicitor,” he said. “She is about to issue proceedings now. I have no other comment to make.”



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