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Doctors Remove Chopstick Jammed Into Toddler's Head For 10 Days (Video)

Doctors in China were able to surgically remove a piece of a chopstick lodged inside of a boy’s head after it was stuck there for 10 days.

According to CCTV America, the 2-year-old boy from Chaoyang City was eating a meal back in January when he accidentally fell on the chopstick, causing it to get stuck in his nose. The toddler’s mom and dad took him to a local hospital immediately after the incident occurred, but doctors reportedly didn’t give him an X-ray after removing what they thought was the entire chopstick and sent him home.

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Ten days later, however, the parents returned to the hospital claiming that the young boy had been feeling drowsy and behaving differently. Upon further examination, it was determined that a 2-and-a-half-inch portion of the chopstick was lodged inside the boy’s brain, causing the brain to become infected.

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“Half of the chopstick was totally stuck in his head from his nose,” Li Shaoyi, a doctor at Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University explained, according to the NY Daily News. “They only took out half of the chopstick and the other half was still stuck in it.”

Doctors say that the chopstick luckily hit a part of the brain that is non-functional. The young boy is reportedly feeling much better, although he is still in the hospital so doctors can treat the brain infection.

Sources: NY Daily News, CCTV America / Photo Sources: NY Daily News, CCTV America


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