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Doctors Remove 54-Year-Old 'Cyst' (Video)

A new video released by Medical College shows the disgusting process of removing a 54-year-old tumor.

The tumor was categorized by surgeons as "fungating." The video shows the epic removal of the disgusting tumor, which was originally thought to be a cyst.

After the tumor was removed, doctors learned that it was ulcerating and maligning.

“A fungating wound is when cancer that is growing under the skin breaks through the skin to create a wound,” doctors explained. “As the cancer grows, it blocks and damages tiny blood vessels, which can starve the area of oxygen.”

This process can cause the skin and tissue to die or become infected. The tissue can then simulate a cyst.

"Whoever didn't puke from watching this...good job on having a stomach of steel," one YouTube commenter wrote.

Viewers with a strong stomach can witness the removal of the tumor below. 

Sources: Mad World News, Conservative Angle

Photo Credit: Mad World News 


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