Doctors Remove 420 Kidney Stones From Chinese Man

A 55-year-old man identified by his surname, He, sought treatment at the Dongyang People's Hospital in the Zhejiang province of China after experiencing severe abdominal pain.

A CT scan revealed the man’s left kidney was packed with 420 kidney stones.

"I have never seen so many kidney stones,” a doctor said after physicians painstakingly removed the kidney stones, one by one, using forceps on June 5.

"The operation almost took two hours," one of the doctors said, reported Shanghaiist. "We spent 45 minutes just taking out the tiny stones. After the operation, my hands and legs were both numb.”

The doctor added that the final total didn’t include the smallest stones, of which there were more than 100. 

Though He had another procedure 20 years ago to remove 10 kidney stones, doctors believe the buildup was due to the man’s diet. He eats gypsum tofu every day and doesn’t drink water. Gypsum tofu, a local dish, has a high concentration of calcium sulfate.

"Soy products, especially gypsum tofu, are very high in calcium," said Wei Yubin, a doctor at the hospital, reported Daily Mail. "The excess of which cannot be excreted from the body without a sufficient intake of water."

Though He has recovered from the operation, his kidney has been weakened.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Daily Mail

Image via Shanghaiist


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