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Dermatologist Cures Boy Suffering From Severe Eczema

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A doctor has reportedly cured a 6-year-old boy of the eczema that has made his life difficult since birth.

The boy, Tyler Saunders, suffered from a severe case of inflamed eczema, a chronic condition that causes red, itchy skin, Boredom Therapy reported. Although the condition is just a mild irritation for some, it causes excruciating pain for others.

The condition, which Tyler has lived with since birth, made it extremely difficult for him to do routine activities like sleeping and going to school. His mother, Debbie, reportedly tried many different treatments to cure her son of the eczema, including applying various creams, wrapping the boy in moist bandages, and making him wear mittens to bed.

However, Tyler's atopic dermatitis persisted in spite of these treatments. Although inflamed eczema is not particularly rare, doctors reportedly didn't believe Debbie when she tried to explain the severity of her son's condition. She had to film the boy writhing in pain in his bed at night as proof that the eczema affected him as badly as she said it did.

Debbie had all but given up hope that Tyler's condition could be cured when she met Dr. Richard Aron, a dermatitis specialist from South Africa.

The doctor recommended an ointment consisting of lotion, corticosteroids and antibiotics during an online consultation with the family.

Two months after using the ointment, Tyler's eczema disappeared completely and was replaced by soft, healthy skin, finally allowing the boy to live life to the fullest. He now dances on the street for tips and donates a portion of his earnings to a dermatitis foundation to help other children suffering from skin disorders. His parents are extremely grateful to Dr. Aron for curing their son's painful condition once and for all.

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Over 30 million Americans suffer from eczema, according to the National Eczema Association. Infants with eczema often have a rash on their faces, while older children and adults who suffer from the condition tend to have the rash on their necks, wrists, ankles, inner elbows and knees.    

Eczema symptoms often become more severe as children grow into adults.

Sources: Boredom Therapy, National Eczema Association / Photo Credit: Boredom Therapy

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