Doctors In Peru Remove Worm From Boy's Eyelid (Photo/Video)

Doctors in Peru removed a worm from a teenager’s eyelid after it had lived there for almost one month.

The 17-year-old arrived at the National Children’s Hospital in Lima after complaining of swelling of the eye, reported ITV News. That’s when doctors discovered something odd during an MRI: a worm living under the boy’s eyelid (video below).

The location of the worm was causing serious damage to the boy’s sinuses, ophthalmologists said. Doctors added that if the worm wasn’t removed, the swelling would cause an infection to spread to his brain, reported The Independent.

Interestingly, doctors used basil to lure the worm out from the boy’s eyelid.

“Basil was used as a way of attracting the worm and due to the smell the worm came out and that’s why we used it,” ophthalmologist Carolina Marchena said. “However, because of the size of the worm it was impossible that it would come out completely on its own.”

Marchena added that only its head stuck out of the boy’s eyelid, but doctors used tweezers to pull the 1-inch worm all the way out.

Luckily, the worm didn’t cause any long-term damage to the boy. 

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Sources: ITV News, The Independent

Photo Credit: ITV News


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