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Mom Has C-Section After Baby Had Already Been Born

A mom has recounted her terrifying birth experience, saying that doctors "couldn't find her baby" and gave her an unnecessary emergency C-section.

Amber Hughes, 21, said that her doctors began to panic after they had given her a C-section in order to birth her baby, Olly, but couldn't find the newborn. As it turned out, Amber had given birth to her son naturally just as her doctors were performing the procedure, according to the Daily Mail. Olly was later found by himself under a sheet after he began to cry.

Now, Amber says that she is making a complaint and trying to find out how this could have happened. "It was horrific," said the mother of four. "I was expecting my bundle of joy to be passed to me, but instead I watched panic spread over doctors' faces."

Amber said that doctors were baffled for two minutes while they searched for little Olly, until finally the newborn began to cry. The doctors then found Olly underneath the sheet between Amber's legs.

"I wondered if it was the drugs I was on and I was imagining it, not only was I cut open unnecessarily, but my poor baby was under a sheet alone," she said.

"I didn't even receive an apology," she continued. "The doctor just explained that my baby had already began his descent in the birth canal when they cut me open and it was an odd situation."

Amber said that she now has a scar from the C-section, and is still recovering from the procedure.

Amber and her husband, Daniel, 25, had three children aged 6, 4, and 2 before Amber unexpectedly became pregnant with Olly. Amber said that while she had hoped to have a natural birth, doctors told her that she would have no choice but to have a C-section for Olly's premature birth because the child "wasn't coming on his own."

"For two minutes they had lost my baby," Amber added. "That is just ludicrous."

Amber and Olly were discharged from the hospital five weeks later, according to Mommypage. She said that she was simply glad her child was safe.

"I'm thankful my baby is okay, but we'll never forget the day the doctors lost our baby," she said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mommypage / Photo credit: Amber Hughes via Mommypage

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