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Doctors Inform 15-Year-Old Boy That He's Carrying A Baby

A Malaysian teen had his twin's fetus removed from his stomach after carrying it around for 15 years.

The teen began experiencing pain for four months, and it was quickly discovered he’d been living with his unborn twin’s fetus inside of him -- a condition medically known as fetus in fetu. 

The teen’s mother said the fetus “was formed with organs like those of a baby” and “only the nose and mouth were not complete.” The fetus had legs, hands, hair and genitals.

“It's almost like a vanishing twin, or sometimes called a parasitic twin,” Dr. S. Raman said. “I have actually seen a case of the fetus being attached to the outside of the living twin, so it's possible for the twin to be both inside or outside the body."

Though fetus in fetu occurs in 1 in every 500,000 live births, the teen’s case was believed to be the first in Malaysia. 


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