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Doctors Discover Toothpick In Man's Heart (Photos)


Doctors in Buenos Aires were shocked to discover a toothpick lodged in a man’s heart after he spent months suffering from chest pains.

According to reports, 42-year-old Horacio Rodriguez suffered from intense, sharp pain in his chest for six months and visited the doctor several times without getting a diagnosis. An ultrasound subsequently revealed a strange object near Rodriguez’s heart, prompting doctors to perform surgery.

“First, we took the blood out of his heart, and then we saw it clearly. It was a toothpick. Nobody could believe it at first,” heart specialist Fernando Cichero said. 

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Rodriguez said he doesn’t know when exactly he swallowed the toothpick, but remembers eating a number of appetizers in late 2014.

“I have no idea when I swallowed the toothpick but can only assume it was during some sort of celebration,” he said. “Perhaps the next time I eat salami or cheese, I’ll make sure they’ve got little flags attached to them so I can see them,” he added.

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The toothpick is not expected to affect Rodriguez’s health, reports Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, WPXI / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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