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Doctors Discover Something Had Been Growing Inside Woman For 45 Years

Doctors Discover Something Had Been Growing Inside Woman For 45 Years Promo Image

A British mother got a huge surprise when doctors discovered a mass that had been growing inside of her for her entire life.

Jenny Kavanagh, 45, visited her doctors to have a contraceptive coil implanted, but when an ultrasound was performed, they noticed a mass growing in her left ovary, reported.

Kavanagh was warned that the mass could potentially rupture and kill her, but experts soon discovered that the mass was actually an undeveloped unborn twin that had been growing inside of her since birth -- complete with face, a tooth, an eye, and long black hair.

Jenny was relieved that the growth was discovered before it could cause any harm.

"I try not to think of it too much because I don't want to feel sad about it," Jenny said. 

"If I'm honest, I did feel sad when I first saw it, because of the size and weight of it, it had already been likened to a baby," she added. "But I try not to feel sad about it. I try to remember that it had no heart and no brain."

Kavanagh said that she has avoided doctors and has never seen a gynecologist, but she had no problems with either of her pregnancies.

When Jenny started having heavy periods, she was worried that it might be because of a coil she had implanted 15 years ago, so she went to have it replaced.

The consultant conducted a scan of her abdomen which showed that the right ovary was normal, but her left ovary had a 10cm mass growing on it.

Jenny said she thought the worst of the growth, but her doctor assured her that it was very unlikely that it was a cancerous tumor and more likely a teratoma or cyst.

Tests proved inconclusive, so Kavanagh underwent a three-hour long surgery to have the mass removed.

She asked doctors to take a photo of the mass on her phone so that she can see it after the operation.

"When I showed the picture to my mum she was really sad -- saw it as her unborn child, and my unborn twin," she added.

Jenny has since made a full recovery.

Sources: MirrorIrish Independent

Photo Credit: Mirror, WikiCommons


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