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Video Shows Girl Having Lice Removed From Eyes (Video)

A video has been released showing the moment a 5-year-old girl had lice removed from her eyes (video below).

The girl was treated in China's Hubei province, according to Daily Mail.

She complained of a slimy feeling in her eyes, even after she washed them thoroughly. The girl was taken to hospital, where a doctor discovered nine lice and 20 eggs on her eyelashes.

A 4-year-old girl from China had four pubic lice removed from her eye last year. She had complained of an itchy eye for five days.

Pubic lice are not just found in pubic hair, but any coarse body hair. That includes facial hair like beards and mustaches, underarm hair, hair on the legs, chest and back, or eyelashes.

Lice infestations are not due to poor hygiene but are usually spread through close contact with an infected person.

Videos showing lice infestations of eyelashes have appeared frequently in recent months.

In December 2015, a video appeared showing hundreds of lice living in the eyelashes of a 6-year-old boy.

Lice require human blood to survive and cannot fly or jump, according to the Mirror. Lice can be treated at home with a special type of medicated shampoo, available from a pharmacy.

Lice in the eyelashes can occasionally lead to eye inflammations or infections.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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