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Doctors Discover Chinese Woman Had Needle In Her Brain For 46 Years

For 46 years, a Chinese woman has been experiencing painful headaches. Only recently did doctors discover the source of the pain: a needle in her brain.

Liu Kao, 48, always had a suspicion that her pains were related to her heart, according to Fox 13, who picked up the story from Central European News (CEN). Years of tests showed no results and left her constantly wondering.

Ironically, Liu described the pain to her family for years as "like being pricked with a needle."

When the pain came to an all-time high and she started feeling a numbness down one side of her body, she checked herself into a hospital.

Doctors ordered a CT scan and discovered a nearly two-inch long needle lodged in the left hemisphere of her brain. 

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Liu will undergo surgery to have the needle removed. 

Liu's daughter, Xiaozhang, said that she and her mother were both shocked by the discovery and they have no idea how the needle could have ended up there.

"Mother has no recollection of the needle being inserted in her head, but doctors said it must have happened before she was 18 months old, when her skull was still soft and flexible as a child," she told CEN.

Sources: Fox 13Daily Star

Photo Credit: Fox 13, WikiCommons


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