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Doctors Create Face For Electrocuted Man On His Chest

Doctors in China are using a man’s chest to grow him a new face after his was left severely disfigured following an accidental electrocution.

Yan Jianbin was reportedly working in China when he opened a high-voltage transformer and was electrocuted. The shock left him severely burned and horribly disfigured his face, and now, doctors are attempting to grow him a new face using the skin on his chest.

“Doctors said the whole procedures will be broken down into five complex stages,” reports the Daily Mail. “The first two phases involve building Yan a new nose. Surgeons will use part of his rib cartilage and newly created skin to form his new nose. The third phase involves creating new blood vessels and arteries. The fourth is the face transplantation, while the last phase will involve details carving to finish the process, and fine-tune Yan's new facial features. Surgeons said the whole process will take at least two years.”

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The process reportedly began six months ago when doctors expanded the skin on the left side of his chest and filled it in with saline to create what looks like a head. They will use that head-shaped mound to form the face over time, and hopefully, by the end, it will give Jianbin a completely new look.

Sources: Daily Mail, News Today


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