Teenager Bleeding From Eyes Baffles Doctors (Photos)

A 17-year-old British girl has a condition that has baffled doctors. She bleeds from her eyes and ears several times every day.

Marnie Harvey woke up one morning in 2013 with blood on her pillow. Her mother, Catherine, 43, rushed her to the doctor, but tests were inconclusive.

Since the incident, Marnie has continued to bleed from her eyes, ears, tongue, scalp and fingertips up to five times a day. She has been working with specialists to diagnose her condition, but the doctors have been left baffled.

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The teen from Stoke-on-Trent, England, has tried changing her diet, eliminating dairy, sugar and other food groups in an attempt to figure what may be causing her issues. All attempts have been unsuccessful, according to the Daily Mail.

In July 2015, Marnie woke up with “goopy” blood coming from her eyes, indicating the condition was getting worse.

Doctors have dubbed Marnie “The Mystery Girl” because she may have the only reported case of her condition in the world. Scans and tests have come up with no results.

The teen has had to drop out of college and has not been able to find a job or go on vacation due to her condition, reports The Sun.

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“I never know when it’s going to happen and I don’t like scaring people,” Marnie told The Sun.

Marnie’s symptoms reportedly worsen when she has her period, but tests have shown there are no issues with her fertility or reproductive organs.

Catherine hopes that by sharing her daughter’s story, the family might be able to make progress toward a diagnosis 

“Marnie is a beautiful girl,” Catherine says. “When she’s not bleeding, she doesn’t look poorly. I want to find a way to help her so she can live her life.”

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Sources: Daily MailThe Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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