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Doctor Required to Pay Child Support, After Botching Abortion

In Majorca, Spain a woman went to get an abortion in April 2010, when she was eight weeks pregnant and it was legal to do so.

However, the abortion failed, which the unnamed woman was not told.

She came back to the clinic three months later seeking another abortion because she thought she was pregnant again.

However, an ultrasound revealed the woman was five months pregnant and she was refused an abortion because it was over the legal time limit, in Spain, of 14 weeks, according to the Daily Telegraph.

She later gave birth to a boy and, now, Judge Jose Perez Martinez ordered the doctor, and the private clinic where he works, to pay the woman $187,770 in damages for the negligence. 

On top of that, Judge Martinez ordered the doctor to personally monthly child support of $1,224 until the child turns 26.

The new mom told the Daily Telegraph: "I'm fine now and have accepted things, I haven't any other choice. When the day comes for me to explain to my son what happened I will tell him hoping he understands. I didn't want him when I went to have an abortion but that's not the case now."


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