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Doctor Regrows Man's Finger With Bladder Tissue From Pig (Video)

Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez has reportedly used an unusual procedure to regrow a man’s finger.

Paul Halpern came to Dr. Rodriguez's office with his finger in a zip lock bag, after it had been bitten off by a horse that he was feeding.

“After the treat it made a mistake. It’s a difficult horse and is had history using our training methods. One of the guys that worked with me reached his hand in the horse’s mouth, took the fingertip out, and I jumped in the car, grabbed the rest of my finger wondering what we should do,” Halpern told CBS Miami (video below).

Paul took part of his finger to a local hospital, but doctors could not save the digit. However, he was told about a doctor in Deerfield Beach, Florida who might be able to help him.

Halpern's concerned insurance company wanted the rest of his finger amputated, but Dr. Rodriguez tried an unique procedure.

Dr. Rodriguez made a template of Halpern’s finger with the bladder tissue of a pig and attached it to what was left of the finger. Amazingly, the finger’s cells, bone, tissue and nail grew into the bladder tissue.

“It’s very interesting to see a patient heal. That’s my passion, wound healing.  It is fascinating to have the new results," stated Dr. Rodriguez.

“I’m really grateful. I think it’s fantastic. I think in the future there’s going to be other uses for it but it wasn’t a life threatening injury to me it was something that was an accident,” said Halpern.

Source: CBS Miami


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