Doctor Has "Proof" Abortion Causes Prematurity In Future Pregnancies


A physician in Michigan believes he has come up with the link that proves abortion causes prematurity in future pregnancies: African American women.

Dr. Joseph Kincaid explains his "discovery" in a letter to the editor.

The CHRT brief goes on to state black infants are 70 percent more likely to be born prematurely than white infants. Eleven percent of white infants are born prematurely while almost 19 percent of black babies are premature. Black pre-term babies are more apt to die soon after birth.

The CHRT [Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation] report says this difference is poorly understood but suggests such factors as smoking, teen pregnancies and the possibility that black pregnant women are under more stress than other ethnic groups. The CHRT brief ends the discussion saying more studies are needed to understand this difference between black women and others.

Blacks make up 12 percent of the population but about 42.5 percent of abortions in Michigan in 2009 were done on black women. The Centers for Disease Control states the abortion rate for black women is 2.9 times then for white women. Could abortion be one of the missing factors that the CHRT is searching for to explain the difference between blacks and whites and prematurity?

Dr. Kincaid also goes on to proclaim the repeatedly disproven claim that abortion causes breast cancer, as well, providing a clear picture of just how scientifically valid his medical views are.


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