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Doctor Gives Patient Sex Toy to "Boost Self Esteem"

One Swedish woman was surprised to find that a doctor she had been visiting for an injured shoulder had more than her shoulder in mind. After several visits, he decided to offer her a dildo to "increase her self esteem."

The patient originally sought medical treatment from him after she suffered from a sore shoulder. She started visiting the clinic regularly for treatment.

After a few visits, the doctor said he would extend his business hours for her and treat her in his home for free. 

She thought he was being kind, so she visited him at his house for treatment. 

That was when the doctor's intentions became clear. 

When the woman went to his house, he started talking about her body. He commented on her breasts and told her she should look at herself more often. He then gave her a dildo and said it would help her self esteem.

"I thought he was kind and wanted to help me. My reaction was a hysterical laughing attack. The doctor then wondered if it was the wrong colour and asked if I would rather have a blue dildo instead of the pink one," the woman said. 

She left his house immediately but he continued to contact her through phone and email. She started feeling so frightened that she refused to go outside, prompting her family to convince her to report the incident. 

He has since been fired for giving the sex toy to her. 



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