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Doctor Discovers 20 Live Maggots Underneath Man's Skin (Video)

A man was horrified to discover that there were 20 live maggots living under his skin after returning home from Africa.

The man, known only as Ma, spent six months working in Africa, and upon returning home, he went to see a doctor because his skin wouldn’t stop itching. For two weeks after his initial doctor visit, the itching worsened until he finally decided to see a dermatologist at Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital.

Ma, who lives in Guangzhou, China, asked the dermatologist to examine the puss-filled sores that were now all over his body, and to his horror, the dermatologist determined that maggots had become nestled underneath the skin of his right thigh and abdomen.

After a blood test confirmed the doctor’s findings, Ma underwent a procedure to extract 20 live maggots from underneath his skin. Tests later confirmed that the type of maggot living in Ma’s skin was the tumbu fly maggot. These specific maggots are known to feed on human tissue.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror UK


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