Doctor Devises Quick Test To Determine Life Expectancy (Video)


Could a simple, 10-second test really give you an idea of how long you're going to live? One Brazilian physician thinks so.

The physician is Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo of Brazil’s Gamo Filho University, and here's what his test entails: Participants are instructed to get in comfortable clothes and be barefoot for the test. Stand still in an upward position to start. Next, without using your arms to brace yourself, lower yourself to the ground and sit in the cross-legged position. Then, also without using your arms for assistance, stand back up.

Here, courtesy of WeBeFit, is a video breaking down each aspect of the test:

In a study published in the European Journal of Cardiology, Araujo had over 2,000 patients ages 51-80 take the test. He found that people who scored less than eight points on the test were twice as likely to die within the next six years compared to those who scored higher. Those who scored a three or less on the test were five times more likely to die within the next six years than those with a score of eight or higher.

Araujo found that overall, each point increase in an individual’s score was associated with a 21 percent decrease in mortality from all causes. 

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Sources: MailOnline, YouTube / Photo Credit: MailOnline


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